DK Kreative Designs - Meet Diane
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Meet Diane:
Diane Keller, founder of DK Kreative Designs is an educated and experienced design consultant who has owned her own design firm for over twenty years.
She has a degree in interior design and is a certified Re-Designer and Real Estate Stager.
She has had design clients in Iowa City, IA, Chicago, IL, Montrose, Grand Junction, Telluride and Crested Butte, CO, Seattle, WA, Las Vegas, NV, Kansas City, Dodge City and Garden City, KS.
She has worked with clients with very small budgets to clients with multi-million dollar homes.  
It is all about the details...whether it is a small or large project. 
Diane is also a DIY-er, Bargain Hunter, Beader, Re-purposer and Crafter. 
Diane's Thoughts:
Like a cherished photo album, our accessories and mementos bring us back to the most important moments in our lives.  When you look at a certain vase, for example, your are reminded of the journey you were on at that particular moment when you acquired your cherished piece.  You remember where you were, whether is was on a wonderful vacation, a gift from a special friend or just a fabulous find at a weekend shopping excursion.  It is true what they say, that it is the journey that matters most, not the destination.  Life's greatest journeys occur within the enclosed space of your home.  I have the great honor of helping you provide the landscape for that journey with my ability to arrange and re-arrange your furnishings and accessories in a pleasing and well designed fashion.  Making your house a comfortable and more beautiful home, using your treasured accessories and mementos.  
DK Kreative Designs would take great pleasure in the opportunity to make your home more functional and your life a little simpler.