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The format for these Focus Prayer Beads was created in the 1980s by a group of people who wanted to recapture some of the prayer practices of the early church.  Made up of a cross and four sets of seven beads, the design carries wonderful symbolism.
The beads start with a cross to remind us of Christ's act of salvation for us.  The next is the "Invitatory Bead" used as a call to prayer.  There are four "Cruiciform Beads" that form the shape of the cross.  These represent the four Gospels and the fours seasons of the year.  Between each of these beads are seven smaller "Week Beads" which represent spiritual perfection, days of creation and seasons of the liturgical year. 
The total number of meaningful beads is thirty-three which is the number of years Christ lived on the earth. 
They make wonderful gifts for brides, new mothers, grandmothers...any one who wants to be more focused in their prayer life.  Special occasions such as First Communions and Confirmations.  We also have special ones for cancer  and heart patients or friends and family who want to pray for them.   They are custom made, so if you have a special color request call or email.  

Do you have a drawer full of Grandma's old costume jewelry?  Send them to me and I will re-purpose them into prayer beads for the next generation.  Please contact me with your request. 

There is no wrong or right way to use prayer beads.  You may just want to hold them and finger the beads while you pray or you may want to follow the pattern of the beads, praying a specific prayer for each bead.  Do what works for you!  God's Blessings!

This is how I use them:

Invitatory Bead:  Spirit order my day, control my thoughts and give me wisdom.
Cruciform Beads:  Be still and know that I am God. (All four). Three deep breath for centering. 
First set of seven:  Confession of sins, then ask for forgiveness and wisdom.
Second set of seven:  Pray for others (go back and forth on these if you have more than seven people to pray for).
Third set of seven:  Pray for things you are thankful and grateful for.
Fourth set of seven:  Petitions to God for yourself or others.
Invitatory Bead or Cross:  "Thy will be done"  In Jesus name, Amen.