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Tips for Hanging Art
As German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe coined "Less is More"!  Artwork is like a fashion accessory for your room.  Too much and the beauty of each piece is diluted.
To enhance wall space, match the shape of the frame to the shape of the wall.  For example, don't hang a vertical frame on a horizontal wall.
Don't hang art too high.  Keep it attached to the piece of furniture that anchors it, instead of floating more than a six inch distance is a good rule of thumb.
Keep pairs and sets of art together.  Don't spread them around the room.
Any wall less than 36" should be art free.
Keep like colors, finishes and themes together.  Black and white pictures with black and white pictures, colored pictures with colored pictures. 
Establish an art-free zone.  In every room, one wall should be free of art to give the eye a resting place and prevent you from being overwhelmed. 
To everything there is a season.  Rotate, rotate rotate your accessories and artwork. 
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"I need to get more organized"
Accessories and other possessions should to useful, beautiful or meaningful to you, so when starting to organize always keep that in mind.  Sort into three piles...keep, donate or trash.  Remember, what may no longer be of value to you may bring back a special memory to someone else.  Pay it forward and pass it on.  Think Green!  
Ten Tips to Help Get the Job Done!
1.  Schedule a day and time and just do it!  Too much clutter can interrupt your focus as you become overwhelmed when there is no place for your eye to rest.
2.  To avoid feeling overwhelmed start small.  Start on one room for one hour.  No phone, no kids, no TV but put on some great tunes.  Set the timer and start to purge!
3.  Put a laundry basket in the doorway for items that go to another area of the house (and to keep you confined to the room) Put "donate" items in one color of trash bags and "trash" in another color.  Remember useful, beautiful or meaningful! 
4.  Keep "like" things together.  Establish designated areas for your items to keep clutter from becoming overwhelming.  For example, have a specific place for bills so that you know where they are when it is bill paying day. 
5.  Keep it where you use it.  If you pay your bill in a certain place make sure your stamps, envelopes or computer (if you pay online) is near by. 
 6.  If your closet are overflowing, donate items you haven't worn in the two year.  So purge and donate.  Someone may love to have what you haven't worn in a couple of years.
7.  Get your family involved...delegate!   You don't have to do it all yourself.  Have them do the areas that have their useful, beautiful or meaningful possessions in them.
8.  Label everything.  There are great label makers on the market and it saves time and puts everything in its place.  Never label anything "Misc."  If it's useful, beautiful or meaningful, its worth having its own labeled spot!  Besides, the labeling gadgets are fun!
9.  Taking a few minutes at the end of the day to straighten things and to plan your "to do" list for the next day can be well worth the time spent.  Making just a few small changes every day can have a surprisingly positive effect on your lifestyle.
10.  The most important tip!  Create a space just for you!  Whether it is a nook with a cozy chair to curl up with your Kindle or a special sitting room of your very own.  Carve out a quiet space where you can relax and rejuvenate.  Fill it with things you love and are useful, beautiful or meaningful to you!  Enjoy it everyday.